Meeting in Nestos

  • Municipality of Nestos

The Meeting was held on 21st of November into the premises of the Municipality of Nestos (LB) where representatives of Municipalities of Nestos, Topeiros, external experts and representatives of the JS participated.

November 21 is an official holiday for the city of Zlatograd so no representatives from PB3 participated to the meeting.

In the beginning, LB representative, welcomed all the participants to the Town Hall and pointed out the importance of the e-SOHECA project and the expected results.

At the meeting participated the JS coordinator and the head of Unit B1: Management - Monitoring of the Programmes implemented in the Balkan Peninsula - Black Sea and the Interregional Programmes in the Managing Authority of the European Territorial Cooperation Programmes. Both of the JS’s participants mentioned that:

  1. the Project Beneficiaries must speed-up the project implementation and follow strictly the instructions based on the Circular 23/200850 Guidelines for the operation of the Central Account.
  2. every Project Beneficiary who have requested and received already an amount from the Public Investment Fund (PIP) must proceed immediately to payments and FLC (First Level Control) verifications of expenditures.

Also the JS’s representatives, informed about the purpose of the delay of the project which was mainly due to natural disasters of flooding appeared in both municipalities of Nestos and Topeiros. Those disasters ended up to declare the Municipality of Nestos in state of emergency until today.

Afterwards, the representative of Municipality of Nestos, and the representative of Municipality of Topeiros, pointed out the milestones of the project and the achievements that will be done until the end of the year.

The importance of the speed-up in the project was also mentioned to the Mayor of Topeiros, who participated to the meeting.

Finally, external expert demonstrated in brief the milestones and the progress of the Municipality of Zlatograd.