Extension of the e-SOHECA project

  • Municipality of Nestos

The e-SOHECA project is extending it's activities in order all the Project Beneficiaries to be able to prevent the spread  of SARS nCov2 and support the treatment of the corresponding COVID-19 desease.

Following the current unpleasant situation for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19, the e-SOHECA additional activities will include special equipment such as hospital beds, screen and dividers, oxygen concentrators and bottles, oximeters, digital intact thermometers, nebulizers and an Ambulance dedicated to the COVID-19 patients.Also, dissemination activities such as TV-spots and leaflets will be produced. Finally, some infrastructure works necessary for the patients will take place.

The extension is based on the needs that have been observed, as well as on the goals of Municipalities, for the most successful results and services for all their Citizens. Furthermore, the project is extended in order the Beneficiaries areas to be prepared and able to deal with the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 crisis that exists in Greece and Bulgaria.

It is worth mentioning that the nearby Municipalities, in the Beneficiaries area, faced serious problems, leading them in a total quarantine of some villages (Echinos, Zoumbouli, Arnaouti) as well as the city of Xanthi. Those villages are close to Nestos, Topeiros & Zlatograd.

These challenges are going to be tackled by the e-SOHECA project in order to provide to all  the citizens of the cross boarder area a better quality of life.