Workshop in Topeiros

  • Municipality of Topeiros

The Workshop was held on 14 – 15th of June into the premises of the Municipality of Topeiros where representatives of Municipalities of Nestos, Zlatograd and Topeiros as well as external experts participated.

In the beginning, mayor of Municipality of Topeiros, welcomed all the participants to the Town Hall and pointed out the importance of the e-SOHECA project and the expected results.

External experts demonstrated the project overview, the status of the project and the importance to keep the time schedule of the project according to the final Project & Procurement plan.

Afterwards external expert, demonstrated via Skype the key components of the e-Health Care system that is already running in Municipality of Topeiros.

Representatives of the Project Benificaries presented in details the concept of the project, the scope, the activities, the deliverables and proposed the modifications that were needed for each Municipality.

The day finished with the following results:

  • Establishment of Steering Committee.
  • Procedures according to project implementation manual.
  • Budget modifications that will proposed to JS.
  • Final establishment of the time schedule of the project and allocation of amounts.

The next day, representative of Topeiros demonstrated in details the existing e-Health System to the representatives of Municipality of Zlatograd and altogether took a tour to the office of the Technical Team where is located the administration of the e-Health System.