Hardware and Medical Equipment delivery

  • Municipality of Nestos

The Hardware and the Pilot Phase of the Medical Equipments were delivered in Municipality of Nestos, the Lead Benificary of the e-SOHECA project.

Special Hardware including laptops, tablets, touchscreen PC's and printers were delivered first in the Municipality and after some of the Medical Equipments were also delivered. The Medical Equiments include glucometers, proffesional weight scales and several medical equipments that measures multiple parameters like blood pressure, pulse, pulse regularity, temperature meter, SPO2 respiratory rate and1 –lead ECG.

This equipment is going to be connected to the e-SOHECA system and tested that works properly.

In the picture the Mayor of Nestos and Legal Representative of the e-SOHECA project  Mr Tsompanopoulos Evangelos and the e-SOHECA project Lead Coordinator Mr Tsolakis Anastasios on the time of the delivery.