e-SOHECA system installed in the first Spot

  • Municipality of Nestos

A complete installation of the e-SOHECA System was held in the Municipality of Nestos, in the new Spot of "Nees Karyes"

In the Spot of "Nees Karyes" was installed:

  • One (1) piece of a 22" Touchscreen PC which was equipped with the Special Social Care Software.
  • One (1) Tablet able to send the measured data to the Web Health - Social Care Platform
  • One (1) medical equipment measuring multiple parameters including blood pressure, pulse, pulse regularity, temperature meter, SPO2 respiratory rate, 1 –lead ECG. Equipment will be portable, lightweight, with screen and CE approved
  • One (1) Glucometer
  • One (1) Proffesional weight scale

After the installation, a demonstration and trainning to the doctors was provided and the system is now working properly.