Workshop in the Municipality of Nestos

  • Municipality of Nestos

The Workshop was held into the premises of the Municipality of Nestos where representatives of Municipalities of Nestos, Topeiros and Zlatograd as well as external experts participated.

In the beginning, Mayor of Municipality of Nestos, Mr. Savas Michailidis, welcomed all the participants to the Town Hall and pointed out the importance of the e-SOHECA project. The Mayor also pointed out the importance of the workshop in order the new representatives of the Municipality of Nestos to get informed about the e-SOHECA project and set up the target of the successful completion with as much benefits as possible to the habitants of Nestos.

After a demonstration of the e-SOHECA project overview, the status of the project today, the difficulties that occurred during its implementation followed. Afterwards a live demonstration of the key components of the e-Health Care system, the medical equipments and the hardware that accompanies it was given.

Throughout those above three sessions, participants like doctors, nurses and social personnel from the Municipalities of Nestos and Topeiros where some of them are already working with the system and some will get involved soon, participated actively, asking questions and showing interest regarding the whole system.

The workshop continued with the demonstration of the Status of each Project Beneficiary. In the final session of the Workshop, an in depth cooperation took place which ended up in the following proposals for the implementation of the project:

  • As the works are in progress, the initial the goal of social inclusion and reduction of the discrimination against the habitants of Cross-Border areas, enhanced and strengthened with the contribution of all the participants.
  • The target group of the project will be all of the habitants of the areas among the boarders of each Project Beneficiary and there will be a strong contribution from each Municipality to try to develop a web medical file for each habitant.
  • The first medical equipments that each Beneficiary is going to provide to the citizens will be given after the appropriate training, to elderly habitants and their relatives, provided they have internet connection in their homes.
  • Each Municipality is going to organize social actions, in order to create web medical files for the participants that they don’t have medical equipments at home and help them make their measurements in order to maintain their medical files. Some proposals were given from the Municipality of Topeiros which involved the sport clubs of the Municipality and some other from Municipality of Nestos, in order to make parallel actions, e.g. during the blood donation days, which will take place in the Municipality.
  • There will be some changes in the places of the installation of the remaining Hardware and Medical equipments in the Municipality of Nestos in order to become more functional for the doctors and the Teams.