• Municipality of Topeiros

Close out meeting in Topeiros

The Municipality of Topeiros organizes on 16 January 2020 a close out meeting of the e-SOHECA project at the Town Hall. At the close out meeting the actions of the three beneficiaries, namely the Lead Beneficiary Municipality of Nestos, the Municipality of Topeiros and the Municipality of Zlatograd are expected to be presented. Furthermore, you expect to discuss proposals for the extension of the project, as well as there will be a discussion concerning the extension of the project.

  • Municipality of Nestos

Conference 16 January 2020

Municipality of Nestos is organizing a Conference that will be held on 16th of January 2020, in the Town Hall of the Municipality of Nestos.

  • Municipality of Nestos

Trainnings in Nestos

Several successfull trainning sessions was held in the Municipality of Nestos.

  • Municipality of Nestos

Workshop in the Municipality of Nestos

The Workshop was held into the premises of the Municipality of Nestos where representatives of Municipalities of Nestos, Topeiros and Zlatograd as well as external experts participated.

  • Municipality of Nestos

Workshop September 18 2019

The Municipality of Nestos invites you to the workshop that will take place at the town hall of the municipality of Nestos, concerning the e-SOHECA project. The workshop will discuss issues related to the aims of the project, as well as the difficulties encountered in its implementation. Furthermore, the operation of the e-Health System (e-SOHECA system) is expected to be presented.

  • Municipality of Zlatograd

Delivery of Medical Equipment and Software

On 22nd of July 2019, the Medical Equipments were delivered in the Municipality of Zlatograd.

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