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Proposal for Additional Activities

Proposal for Additional Activities of the project based on JS guidelines,  concerning the possibility of examining and evaluating any additional proposed activities within the framework of the 2nd Call of Proposals of the INTERREG V-A Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020/ Axis 4/ IP 9a, for the three (3) PBs: Municipality of Nestos (Greece),  Municipality of Topeiros (Greece) and Municipality of Zlatograd (Bulgaria).

  • Municipality of Nestos

Extension of the project

Extension of the project by three (3) months with the new deadline being on 20/03/2022, justified by the pandemic and lengthy tendering procedures.

  • Municipality of Nestos

Contract of the Municipality of Nestos

Contract of the Municipality of Nestos for the supply of a Mobile Medical Unit of General Pathology.


  • Municipality of Nestos

Interview of LB's project director

An interview of LB's project director regarding the e-SOHECA project was given. Mr Ioannis Mpoutos provides information about the benefits of the project in Radio Agora.

  • Municipality of Nestos

Extension of the e-SOHECA project

The e-SOHECA project is extending it's activities in order all the Project Beneficiaries to be able to prevent the spread  of SARS nCov2 and support the treatment of the corresponding COVID-19 desease.

  • Municipality of Nestos

Conference in Nestos

A successfull Conference was held in the town hall of the Municipality of Nestos with many participants from the Beneficiaries areas.